Need to invite guests to a party, planning a wedding, or perhaps organizing a meeting? We are here to help you! Whether you need to send evites to 2 or 200 guests, we can help you manage your event.

What makes us different? Other evite tools often use one type of media such as Facebook, Twitter or email. Evites.me lets you send evites to attendees through multiple methods. You send the evites to your guests the way they prefer to receive them. There is no creating new accounts for your guests, or being forced to use media they are not knowledgeable or comfortable in. Do you have 10 guests that use Facebook, 6 that use E-mail, and 2 that use twitter? No problem, easily and seemlessly send evites to all of them from our website evites.me!

Best of all many of our services are available for free, with minimal fees for premium services making it highly affordable.

--Project Retired, Site no longer active --


November, 2015 to November, 2016
Completed Project
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