is free pastebin style service for developers. Built with security in mind offering full encryption from point to point, or public pastes to share with the world. Developed by us in conjunction with the open source community. Provides free Secure PasteBin service for all.

Free Link Shortener Service: allows you to easily share text/code with anyone you wish. Here are some features:

  • Burn after reading and many other customizable paste retention settings
  • Private pastes: don't show up in Recent or Trending lists
  • Encrypted pastes are invisible to all but those with the correct link and key (everything after the '#'). Not even the server administrator can read these.
  • SSL Encryption between browser and server prevents interception by third parties.
    • Uess only modern encryption TLS 1.0,1.1,1.2 with only strong Cipher Suites.
    • Supports Perfect Forward Secrecy with most modern browsers.
    • Uses strong RSA 2048 bit keys
  • No tracking or logging (Google Adsense Ads help fund server operation only)
  • Syntaxhighlighting for many languages
  • Paste replies
  • Diff view between the original paste and the reply
  • Trending pastes
  • Anti-Spam features
April, 2015
Completed Project free pastebin style service for developers