Anonymous Suggestion Box Module

A simple module to collect Anonymous feedback from users and provide a formatted email to a settable email address or saved to database. Module intentionally strips away identifiable information about user.

  • Submissions may be sent via email or saved to database.
  • Any role may be assigned the "Submit anonymous suggestions" permission. To allow anonymous users to submit form.
  • Suggest to use Captcha Module if you allow annonymous submissions. See README.txt in sites/all/modules/anonymous_suggestion_box for information on use.
  • Use care in assigning "View anonymous suggestion box submissions" permission to users with other elevated permissions as this may be allow an anonymous submission to be indentified if paired with tracking or webserver logs. This module takes every precaution to prevent this, however can not control the behavior of other modules or external applications.

This module was speficial designed as an alternative to modules like Webform and Webform Anonymous as they are not fully anonymous and would not be compliant with some regulatory compliance situations.

Originally designed for use within company Staff Portal site for submissions to Human Resources Manager for compliance with worker's comp policy requirements. Site being closed to anonymous users, required a different approach to submitting suggestions anonymously.


June, 2014
Anonymous Suggestion Box